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AR, VR and the future of payment


Alexander Rosenthal

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are still raising topics. Currently we can’t see the end of a longtime development and nobody knows how big the topics will become in future. Nevertheless we can see interesting use cases out there that try to dig deeper. We all can be sure, that the new devices will not be used identical to the current ones and so not every solution can be transferred easily towards the future.
For Fintechs the interesting question is, how payment processes will work in this future world. Omnichanel is still in all minds. Here we can see, that it means a way more than payment with your smartphone. Let’s try to look around what is upcoming, which developments and solutions are already there and what is maybe on the horizon.





Payment Service Provider


BS PAYONE GmbH is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main and is one of the leading omnichannel-payment providers in Europe. In addition to providing customer support to numerous Savings Banks (Sparkasse) the full-service payment service provider also provides cashless payment transaction services to more than 255,000 customers from stationary trade to the automated and holistic processing of e-commerce and mobile payments.