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Blurring the lines of art and casual


Andreas Gaschka

Blurring the lines of art and casual

Some games are just simple entertainment, other games are pure work of art. We at supyrb try to blur the lines between both realms.

In this talk Co-Founder and Creative Director Andreas Gaschka will present current visual trends in both casual and art core gaming. Further he will take a look into the vivid international animation industry and carve out the differences of communication between film and games.





Clever code & stunning style!


Supyrb is an independent game development studio based in Hamburg/Germany. Founded in 2016, Supyrb is about to release their debut title MΔRBLΘID this summer.

MΔRBLΘID is an addicting 3D Tilt & Tap marble runner for iPhone and iPad.
The player’s goal is to collect one billion points and reach the golden elevator to a better life. He accomplishes this by controlling a marble trough a randomly generated 3D world, full of marble and Vaporwave.