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Digital health? Let's rethink the way we use our smartphones.


Denis Altschul

Digital health? Let’s rethink the way we use our smartphones.

Exposed to more information than ever before, we are being merely overwhelmed learning of rapid advancements in technology and ask ourselves how will it develop and impact our personal health and habits in the future. Considering the smartphone as our most used device today, we need to begin to investigate and solve undeniable but overlooked problems that come with it.

Denis Altschul will share his knowledge and enlighten us on side effects of smartphone usage. He will be focusing his talk on radiation, distraction and privacy and will share good practices of use aimed to improve our relationship with smart devices.





smartphone accessories


TOCA is a Berlin-based smartphone accessories enterprise devoted to research and development of innovative practical solutions for a healthier use of those devices. Their first generation TOCA Sleeve was released in spring 2017, successfully funded through Kickstarter, it is now the best smartphone sleeve for radiation reduction and signal blockage on the market.