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It's all about the mindset - how to foster an innovation culture


Ina Rabouw

It’s all about the mindset – how to foster an innovation culture

“It is not about innovations, it is about innovators!”

Driven by exponential technological & digital growth,
exponential decreases of natural resources, and social-and
organizational shifts, our world is becoming more complex
than it has ever been.
Today, in business and society, the strength of these forces
of change is felt more than ever before. We all need to re-learn
how to navigate.
We believe that the only real meaningful innovation that is needed in these times is the innovation of culture. As long as people don’t show an attitude to innovate your organization can spend unlimited budgets on innovation projects but won’t succeed in the long run.
During the session, we want to give you an outlook on how you can develop a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within your organization:
a culture of collaboration, customer focus, courage, optimism, empathy and
mindfulness. A culture that is willing and able to deal with challenges of today. A culture that everyone feels valued.

Educate to innovate


Hi! We are STUDIO.WHY! A team of unruly young creative entrepreneurs, challenging the way organizations should be managed. We are aware that the world around us is changing in a tremendous speed, technologically, socially as well as economically. We realize that the traditional methods, practices and perceptions have reached their limits.
STUDIO.WHY trains people and organisations on how to develop sustainable, impactful solutions for nagging problems of today and tomorrow. We equip talents with a mindset to drive innovation and change.