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Game Design Workshop

Off The Beaten Track

Jens Bahr

Game Design Workshop

This workshop will present the MDA framework, one of the fundamental frameworks in modern game design. Participants will apply the framework through a series of playful exercises and gain first experiences in designing games with the goal of evoking a specific player experience.

The workshop is not only aimed at game developers, as lessons learned will be applicable to other areas of design as well.





Game Development

Off The Beaten Track

Off The Beaten Track is a small but scrappy game development studio from Kiel, Germany. We make video games that offer players strong and novel experiences they wouldn’t be able to make in real life.
Jens Bahr is a game developer from Kiel. Next to running his own video game studio “Off The Beaten Track”, he also co-founded IfGameSH and acts as a game dev community builder.