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Bracenet - Save the seas. Wear a net


Madeleine von Hohenthal & Benjamin Wenk

Bracenet – Save the Seas – Wear a Net

Producing products out of deadly traps for the marine wild life – ghostnets




Marine protection


A completely new way, with a simple but innovative product idea that, in these days of social media and fashion blogs, is particularly timely. Bracenet has joined forces with ‘Healthy Seas, a Journey from Waste to Wear’ and its many partners, to work together for cleaner and healthier seas. SAVE THE SEAS. WEAR A NET. Bracenet makes unique wristbands from the waste fishing nets that are collected by Healthy Seas and Ghost Fishing. The nets are cleaned and sorted by Nofir AS and then Bracenet manually produces bracelets – a stylish statement for the protection of the seas and oceans. And this is not just a symbolic gesture, because 10% of the proceeds from each wristband sold goes to support the cause of Healthy Seas, which provides a showcase for circular economy while highlighting that waste is too valuable to be wasted.