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Zero Waste Kiel e.V.

Marie & Marc Delaperrière

Zero Waste Lifestyle, a possible route for a sustainable future?

Marie, Marc and their three children Antoine, Camille and Mathilde, have opted for a Zero Waste lifestyle for five years.
In a humorous presentation, Marie & Marc talk about this experience and how they realised this change step by step, not with sacrifices but with a gain in their personasl life quality. An experience that quickly went beyond the sole topic of waste reduction, to offer a vast reflection on their lifestyle, consumption modes and mobility. Could the Zero Waste ideal, applied at larger scale, be a possible route for a sustainable future and climate protection?

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Zero Waste

Zero Waste Kiel e.V.

Created in 2016, the association “Zero waste Kiel e.V.” is dedicated to reducing and avoiding unnecessary packaging and waste in the private (Zero Waste Lifestyle), commercial (Zero Waste in Business) and public (Zero Waste in Cities) areas. We collect technical, scientific and organizational solutions that serve this goal and report on it. Another focus of our work are public relations and events on waste prevention.
Zero Waste does not mean having to give up everything. It is rather a gain in knowledge about appreciation, recycling and circular economy of the resources of our earth. We believe that thoughtful consumption creates the basic prerequisite for a sustainable world and resource conservation.
With our 30 active members, we network with other associations, institutions or non-profit organisations in Schleswig-Holstein that are promoting projects on waste prevention or environmental issues.
We actively support and encourage our city on its way to Zero Waste!