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Wonder what your company will be like in 10 years? Watch yourself and you`ll know.


Nicole Driemeier

What will your company look like in 10 years

Business Model Generation, Lean Startup, consulting peers and founders – entrepreneurs put a lot of information, methods and hard work into creating a great concept of their future company. And as they work hard on bringing their business to life, they often wonder what the company will be like and what decisions lead to a successful future. But the biggest influence on how a company will be like is invisible: The personality of the founder. That`s good news, because this source of information is accessible and free. But also difficult, as it can be quite tricky to understand one’s own traits, beliefs and patterns of behavior that fuel or limit the capacity of future success. In this talk we shed some light on the impact, the founder`s personality has on the nature of business. And of course we dive into the fun part, too: Finding out more about yourself so you can predict and manage the way your personality paves the way to a successful startup.

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Nicole Driemeier is the founder of Goodwerk and passionate about using learning, talent management and personal development as tools for creating great work. After ten years in HR in international corporations, she left the corporate treadmill to create her own business. Goodwerk is a small studio for learning experience design that helps businesses to grow the skills necessary for future success. With a background in psychology, a curiosity for the human factors in business, and an interest in the creative possibilities of technology, her mission is to help people to use their work as their voice for creating the impact they want to see in the world.