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Eisenschmidt Consulting Crew

Peter Schottes

Start-Ups obviously captivate big corporations. Well-known for a long tradition of innovation and technical expertise, all of a sudden they start to establish incubators, spin-offs and accelerators. It seems as if those companies seek redemption from a bureaucratic, cumbersome culture by copying (the lack of) organisational structures, ways of working and more from Start-Ups. But what if a Start-Up grows? Can it avoid running into bureaucracy? What is driving “culture”? What is its impact on organisation, hierarchy, rules and communication, and how can we actively shape culture while growing bigger?
We’ll take a close look at corporate culture and also on the entrepreneurial attitude which can be an enabler and an obstacle at the same time.


Eisenschmidt Consulting Crew

We strongly believe that each company, from startUp to big enterprise, needs a vision, a clear strategy and a culture that fits to both. Driven by this conviction we search for, collect, test and invent new methods to develop both: vision/strategy and culture. From our headquarter in Kiel at the “entrance” of MFG5 area we work for customers in Germany and Europe helping them to evolve. We also focus on mid-sized companies and their challenges that derive from digitalisation.