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Solar power means empowerment

Today we are presenting Eva Brandt, Senior Manager at Little Sun Foundation and speaker at this year’s waterkant festival. Eva is managing Little Sun’s education and health programs in Rwanda and Tanzania. At waterkant, she will explain Little Sun’s innovative approaches and new perspectives to the sustainability agenda in her workshop Rethinking the SDGs.

Solar Power means Empowerment.
With this vision, Little Sun Foundation is trying to reach the 1.1 billion people who lack access to clean and sustainable energy all over the world. Millions of school children cannot study after dark because they don’t have access to light. The UNHCR revealed that a shocking number of people — 65.6 million — have been displaced from their homes in 2016 alone and live without reliable electricity.

A simple solar light has an incredible impact on those communities — but only if it gets there.

With a clean and affordable solar light, women in refugee camps can walk safely after dark, children gain extra study hours in the evening, and families can save money and spend quality time together without having to rely on dirty kerosene lamps or expensive battery flashlights.